Woman Soldier
Amelia prof
Biographical Info
Romaji Amelia
Age 18, 19
Professional Info
Job Woman Soldier
Level LV 6 (Ch 5)

LV 7 (Ch 7)
LV 9

Special Equipment Chained Blade/Bute Blade
Skills 【Sword Techniques LV 4】

【Shield Techniques LV 5】
【Cooking LV 1】

Media Info
Novel Debut Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Amelia is the second adventurer Tooru enslaved.


A virgin before crossing paths with Tooru, although she may seem to appear like a forged warrior with her sun tan skin and wild look, she also has very long supple arms and legs, in combination with her feminine body which consisted of decently sized soft breasts and a firm ass; she has a more developed body in comparison to Nina. She had long and narrow eyes, complimented with streamlined eyebrows that seemed to ooze out a strong will. She has a ripe and healthy ass that seems to be able to give an easy child birth.

Beautiful amazonian with red hair and big breasts.


Within the adventurer party she was considered as the leader of the group and she is a masculine and strong-minded woman soldier. She was born in a family of adventurers and her mother is the Guild Master of a very famous Woman-only guild that has subjugated a dragon with a small number of people in the past. (Her father was killed in action so she is fatherless). This upbringing by her mother, influenced her to have the belief that she “Should not lose to males” but this only covered up her internal sexual disposition of wanting to “Submit to a male”, meeting Tooru awakened her to her true desires. She has a warmongering mind and has a slight weapon fetish.

In fact, before she met with her party members she used to think that as long as food was edible, “it’s all the same to my stomach”, but ever since Nina told her that “If you think like that you will never be able to become a bride”, her heart received a big shock and she studied extra hard so that she would be able to cook.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Master or (Masuta)