These girls have all been or currently are, Tooru's slaves.

Being one of his slaves doesn't mean being part of the Harem.

Current Magical Slave(Remaining Slot:2 People)

  • 【Princess Knight Kirika (Love Slave)】
  • 【Maid Magician Nina】
  • 【Woman Soldier Amelia】
  • 【Elemental Elf Archer Sierra】
  • 【Demoness Palmyra】
  • 【Woman Earl Yurina】- she's perhaps the only one who isn't part of the Harem
  • 【Mad Princess Flamia】
  • 【Otherworldly Knight Celesta】
  • 【Princess Priestess Diane】
  • 【Hero Riruna】
  • 【Different World Military Grade Android Nana】previously known as【Armored Golem Nana】
  • 【Fragment of the Divine Corpse】
  • 【Suzu-chan Sensei】

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