Cruz, Iblis ally, suspected of being Kurusu, a classmate of Tooru, Kirika, and Riruna.

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Silver mask


Always wearing a silver mask, he is a person of mystery. Becoming an exception as the only person to have risen rankings so rapidly, he became the right-hand man of the Iblis faction.

Tooru believes that Cruz is his bullied classmate from his former world, he is perceived to be Kurusu Araya. But if this was true, he would have died way before the bus incident ever occurred (2 months before) and the reason for him being reincarnated into this world is unknown.

Additionally, his aunt was his homeroom teacher, called "Suzu-chan sensei" and she was a newcomer teacher who just recently finished her degree. She was a timid and good-natured person and the type of teacher to be teased by her own students.