Dark Elf Priestess Diane

Dark Elf Priestess Diane

She is a dark elf who inherited the position of being a Princess Priestess conducting religious services for her people. She was made to live together with Sierra and they were raised like true sisters. She possesses a telepathic ability to read the intentions of anything she touches and she is worshipped like a living god amongst her tribe’s people.

Just based on her outward appearance she looks very transcendental and detached, but the truth is that she has very deep and dark secrets hidden within her psyche. She has very dirty sexual desires and wants to be: “treated roughly”, “become tainted”, “showered with semen”, or more like “Become pregnant”, “become pregnant with a half-elf”, she has these types of desires pent up in her unconscious psyche. Because her other senses apart from sight have been heavily enhanced, she has a strong smell fetish. Whenever she enters Tooru’s room she would smell the scent of his lingering body odor, and it makes her lower half of the body react as her womb starts squeezing and twitching itself and lately this has been getting worse and it’s become a cause of exasperation for her.

She is also a tea-drinking companion of Princess Sistina. In truth, she wanted to have a dirty conversation and talk about indecent topics with Princess Sistina but because it would indeed be shameless she held herself back.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Tooru-dono.