Demoness Iblis
Biographical Info
Kanji ノーヴル・エイトイヴリース
Romaji Noble Eight Iblis of the Eight Great Families
Professional Info
Job Unknown
Level Unknown
Special Equipment Unknown
Skills Unknown
Media Info
Novel Debut Chapter 72, mentioned since chapter 9
Noble Demoness Iblis of the Eight Great Families appears to be the antagonist.

Has a bad relation with Palmyra, due to history; namely destroying everything she had.

Twin sister of Flamia's, used Flamia for her raw power.

Has in her possession a piece of the Divine Corpse and it's likely the Right Arm of the Demon King.

Despite what little information there is, it feels necessary to include the character template.


Albino version of Flamia.

"It was like all she had no pigmentation or color, she merely had four thin limbs and long hair. The only thing that had color were her crimson pupils.

She wore a white kimono that was very loose, revealing her pure-white skin and her cleavage line, she exuded a completely different type of sex appeal from Mikura. Apart from the lack of color, she was the splitting image of her younger sister Flamia. However, it was like they were two completely different people as Iblis had this intimidating air around her. She also had this inhumane expression on her face."


The Master of the Heat Haze Castle located near border of everlasting flames. Flamia’s biological elder sister. Even though she is comparatively new to the scene, she boasts a large war potential and influence and the other Eight Great Demonic Families acknowledge her as a formidable Demoness (Or possibly they are just very vigilant towards her).

She submerged her own body in a spherical globe that contained a solution of extremely high-purity magical energy for long periods of time, and many believe that this is her method of replenishing her magical reserves, but it still remains a mystery as to why she would want to remain in such an inconvenient state for such a long term or why she required such a vast amount of magical energy.

Although Flamia is her sister, nobody really knows who their real “parents” are. Even when people wanted to investigate whether or not Flamia was her real sister or not, nobody ever returned alive to speak of the facts by the next sun rise.