Noble Demoness
Demoness Palmyra
Biographical Info
Romaji Palmyra
Age 14, 13 (looks, demons possess immortality)

1000 plus years

Professional Info
Job Demoness Noble
Level LV 8 (Chapter 8; her original level at the least exceeds LV 18)

LV 14

Skills 【Demonic Magic LV 12】; the original level of this spell exceeds LV 10, it is uncertain if it's now stronger

【Magical Resistance LV 2】

Special Notes Anal Slave
Media Info
Novel Debut Chapter 6
Palmyra is a noble demoness who sought Tooru's slavemancer's powers to seek revenge; she's now one of his slaves and the first demon with whom he established a contract with.


A virgin before crossing paths with Tooru, she has lily-white skin and usually wears some sort of goth-loli dress; a beautiful girl who resembles a porcelain doll with a pretty face as perfect as a doll. With big red pupils, and a sadistic smile on her face when she first met Tooru, she has transparent long silver hair and two fat horns attached to the corners of her head, somewhat like a bull or goat. Her dress includes a high quality (that it probably didn’t even exist in the previous world) translucent frill, black garter belt and exquisite lace undergarments. She has a conceited tiny and white ass that's trained to being an erogenous zone; she's also Tooru's first anal slave.

Her clothes possess magic that allows them to be cleaned and repaired, like Kirika's, Sistina's, and Flamia's.

On her forehead there was an ominous violet colored pattern that seemed to be intricately carved into her skin like a tattoo, which resembled some sort of an eye.

Once Tooru's subjugation magic took place, it shone bright green and a new shape seemed to take form.

Currently, this shaped changed when she entered a contract with Tooru as his slave: it looks like some sort of eye combined with the designs of a sinister and ominous looking talon and a fang.


She was a former Demoness of the Eight Great Noble Demon Families until her house was destroyed by Iblis, losing all of her retainers and having her territory stolen from her, she was the last living survivor of her clan. Because of her circumstances, she was forced to use unusual ideas along with extra hard work to overcome her hurdles, compared to human beings her “creativity” may be considered lacking, but she still managed to create her own unique spell and this is the kind of feat that only prodigies would be able to accomplish.

A Demon’s outward appearance is largely a reflection of their own spiritual nature, and the reason she remains to have an appearance of a very young girl is because she experienced a trauma when she first lost to Iblis, thereby creating this impression in her own mind that she can "Never win against Iblis". Although she has been liberated from those negative beliefs her figure which has already been solidified for a very long time is not something that can be changed easily. Thus her breasts still haven’t started to grow.

The way she addresses Tooru used to be: Slavemancer Tooru, but recently she’s been calling him Tooru a lot more.