Strahl is part of the Iblis Factions, and her War General.

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Having a lion’s head, he is a powerful fourth ranking Demonic Noble. He has served Iblis for many years and worked his way up to his position, he is fiercely loyal.

His twelve swords have special efficiency against other races and he is very proud of his dueling capabilities. Being capable of commanding other demons as a general he demonstrates leadership and has a large war potential.

His wife was lost during a riot that occurred in the Demon World and as a result he holds familial feelings towards Flamia even considering her to be like his own daughter. Being unable to go against Iblis’s direct commands he also understands that he would be unable to mend Flamia’s broken heart and thus decides to let her go.

His hobby includes hanging around in the garden to relax and solving a three-dimensional magically projected crossword puzzle. Sticking to his principles of what he believes is a heroic man, he hasn’t drunk even a sip of alcohol.