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The proud demon race is divided up into a hierarchy of seven ranks, with seven being the lowest and one the highest. These seven ranks are effectivly, Lesser Demon (Commoners) > Elite Demons (Gentry) > Elite Demonic Knights (Knights) > Demonic Noble’s (Barons) > Eight Great Nobles (Counts) > Three Archdukes (Dukes) > Demon Lord (King).

The Ranks Explained---

【The Seventh Rank】: Lesser Demon or AKA Hell’s Warrior, they fill the front line vanguard positions.

【The Sixth Rank】: High ranking Demons or Elite Demons that ranked up from the Seventh Rank.

【The Fifth Rank】: Commander of the Demon army or Elite Demonic Knights.

【The Fourth Rank】: The ruling class i.e. Demonic Noble’s they have their own Devildom in which they rule over.

【The Third Rank】: Eight Distinguished Large Noble Families.

【The Second Rank】: The Three Archdukes they are exalted figures whom have the strength of three armies.

【Lastly the First Rank】: This position is only available to the ruler of all demons, only the Demon with absolute power can achieve this rank……….In other words the Demon Lord.


-Demoness Palmyra 【Rank 4】

-Iblis 【Rank 3】

-Former Shinto Priest Groom 【Rank 5】

-The Mad Princess Flamia【Rank???】

-Shutora (Lion Mask) 【Rank???】