Vladoveri has the same standing as Mikura.

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One of the members of the Eight Great Demonic Families. Even amongst dragons his noble birth is highly regarded, he is the last surviving child of the Red Emperor: Red Dragon.

He was approaching the end of his life several thousand years ago and wanting to extend his life, he fought against and eat the strongest Vampire in the Demon World resulting in him assimilating some of the characteristics of a Vampire, since then he has become the only Drago-Vamp in existence. He is one of the demons capable of fighting the three Archdukes in a head-on fight.

He also wishes for peace in the Demon World but for better or for worse the fact that he’s served the Demon World as a High Demonic Noble for such a long period has gotten to his head, he is stubborn and unlike Mikura he is bad at creating strategies, not only that but he is very easily angered. Thanks to that Mikura has had to follow and cover for him throughout the years and it’s been very troublesome for her.

In a single meal he can drink about 10 tons’ worth of blood (Mostly created by generating the blood with magical energy), but he’s really fed up with the fact that his body is now only capable of absorbing magic and sustaining himself with this method, therefore he is searching for a high-class chef who is able to make the blood taste more delicious via blood-cooking and is willing to pay a very high salary.