Village Girl Grace

Since there's no known character information, this isn't included.

She is the one of the village girls that was captured by the Slavemancer Tooru. She is a girl with deep rooted religious beliefs, all the elderly people around the neighborhood believe her to be a prim and proper Sister figure who they want to marry with either their sons or grandsons, she is seen in high regard by the public. But in truth she is a super perverted girl with superficial knowledge about sex but manages to keep this side of her hidden.

She once went to the mountains behind the village and managed to find this ero novel lying around called “Bondage with the Woman Knight ~ Pleasures of the flesh~” and she has since kept this book as her treasure reading it every single night (In addition, Angie has actually found out this secret of hers). She has a slender body when wearing clothes but both her ass and breasts have quite the nice amount of volume when seen naked.