Immortal Fox Goddess Mikura
Biographical Info
Romaji Mikura
Professional Info
Job Unknown
Level Unknown
Skills Unknown
Media Info
Novel Debut WN Ch 41
Mikura first appeared to Tooru in dreams.

He's been bidding his time to add her to his Harem.


Job: Demon Goddess of Dreams LV 81

Skill:【Dream Realm Control LV∞】


Fox ears and tails.


One of the oldest Members of the Eight Great Demonic Families that has lived for several thousands of years. She is a fox spirit and she is unique amongst her demonic peers as a one of a kind existence. Although she was essentially a demoness, she has been known in the human world for a long period of time and the half-fox tribe has worshipped her as a god since time immemorial.

She deeply loves her own Demon World and to make sure that no more large-scale wars occur like in the Demon King War, she uses various strategies to quell any disturbances. She has a side to her that is easy going and cheeky, but at her core she acts in the pursuit of pleasure and is a hedonist at heart. In a sense, she will always choose jobs that align with her own interests.

In the past she fell in love with a certain person and she lost him when her enemies plotted against her, she deeply regrets losing him. Right now the human she is interested in is Tooru and that’s why she tries to protect him whenever she can. She wants to see him grow up and mature and she sees this as a form of atonement for her past regret.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Boy or (Boya).