Mad Princess
Biographical Info
Romaji Flamia
Professional Info
Job Mad Princess
Level LV 15
Skills 【Spatial Distortion LV 13】

【Magical Resistance LV 2】

Media Info
Novel Debut Ch 29
Mad Princess Flamia, one of Tooru's saves and second demon that he acquired a contract with.


The real younger sister of Iblis. Originally she had a very gentle personality that didn’t like to fight, but due to being forced by her elder sister and unable to go against her orders, she created a war-loving persona of herself as a form of instinctive self-defense mechanism so that she would be able to continue slaughtering innocents without feeling the dilemma of making all the stressful decisions.

The reason she’s so eager to please Tooru and answer to his lustful desires is because she’s unconsciously afraid that if she doesn’t make him happy, she would be thrown away again just like her elder sister threw her away. In saying that she was a natural at sex and learned very fast and it’s a fact that she has plenty of fun when having sex with Tooru and it seems that the defense boundaries she set within her own heart are slowly disappearing. Being thrown away by Iblis and being able to enter Tooru’s party, you could say that she was saved in a physical, mental and spiritual sense.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Onii-san or (Elder Brother).