Armor Valkyrie VII (Alias Nana)
Biographical Info
Romaji Armor Valkyrie VII (Nana means seven)
Age 19 ish (looks?)
Professional Info
Job Otherwordly Assault Annihilation Android Weapon
Level LV 6 (Chapter 9)

LV 13

Special Equipment Her whole body is a weapon

Oruto (visor)

Skills 【Otherworldly Weapon LV 6】

【Hand-to-Hand Combat LV 3】
【Sturdiness LV 3】
【Self-Repair LV 1】

Special Notes Her whole body is a super advanced weapon
Media Info
Novel Debut Chapter 6 (as Armored Golem V7), mentioned since chapter 1
Armor Valkyrie VII or Nana for short, is a magical entity previously known as "Armor Golem V7" named Nana by Nina.

Along with Amelia, Nina and Sierra, she's one of the first slaves of Tooru's, presumed to be the fourth.

Previous Information

Magical Being Armored Golem V7 (AKA Nana)

Job: Armor Golem LV 6

Skills:【Grappling TechniquesLV3】 【Physical ToughnessLV2】 【Self-RegenerationLV1】


As Armored Golem V7, she appears as of Chapter 6.

She's 2 meters tall.

Background & Current Information

Created for the purpose of exterminating the Divine Corpse Fragments, she was sent in from a different world along with her inactive power plant that has been sleeping for several thousand years in this world; Oruto considers her a sister. She lost the memory of her original mission and she was thought to be some ancient Armored Golem by Amelia’s group and taken in as a party member.

By the way, even if she didn’t manage to obtain her very beautiful body Tooru was 100% serious about having "sex" with her and keeping his promise to her. As a result, he already researched in the Black Market of Paravata City for a "magical living product" that was capable of being equipped on a living being like an Armored Golem and attached as a sort of sex sleeve.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Goshujin or (Master)