Maid Magician
Biographical Info
Romaji Nina
Age 16
Professional Info
Job Magician
Level LV 5 (Ch 5)

LV 7 (Ch 7)
LV 9

Special Equipment Maid Outfit
Skills 【Enhancement Magic LV 4】

【Spatial Magic LV 4】
【Healing Magic LV 1】

Media Info
Novel Debut Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Nina is the first slave of Tooru's among the adventurer girls, since he believed it was necessary to first possess a magical user.


A virgin before crossing paths with Tooru, she has a petite under developed figure, her breasts weren’t anything excessive and she has lily white skin. Her eyes have an attractiveness and charm, it's their chestnut color, almost like a cat. She also has semi-long blonde hair, a face that's a little plain but had its features pleasantly arranged. She has a pure, white, round and soft ass.

By chapter 12, she acquires a new ability: enchanting things; this is how Tooru acquires the contraceptive ring, the enhancing one, and later, the one with the time-slower which enables his mind to process things much faster.

A beautiful, robe-wearing sorceress adventurer.

Later, she acquires a maid outfit and dons it rather than the robe a magician ought to wear.


She’s a member of an adventurer party, the party consists of: Amelia, Sierra and Nana. She has a baby face and a slightly child-like figure, when she’s standing side by side with her friends, she is the only one considered to be a child and it causes her quite the annoyance. Ever since the affair at the Tower of Prophecy she’s been in a Maid uniform for some odd reason.

She came from an ordinary local village, but because of aptitude with magic, she was able to attend and graduate from the most prestigious magic school in the whole continent. In terms of her ability to use Spatial Magic, her ability to perform high-speed calculations makes her a master in her arts and she can be considered a world-class talent in using Spatial Magic. Moreover, she is capable of using three different types of magic and within the whole continent less than 2% of all Magicians are capable of such a feat.

Furthermore, the amount of lecturers at the magical school that exceeded level 8 as a magician are very rare.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Goshujin-sama.