Armor Valkyrie Type Oruta II Ortlinde
Riruna and Oruto
Biographical Info
Romaji Oruto
Professional Info
Job Otherwordly Artificial Intelligence Backup Support Machine System for the Armor Valkyrie VII Series
Level Unknown
Skills 【Otherworldly Weapon LV ?】

【Self-Repair LV ?】
【Arithmetic Capabilities LV ∞】
【Deep Analysis LV ∞】

Special Notes Left for her Home World with Tooru's aid
Media Info
Armor Valkyrie Type Oruta II Ortlinde, her name was shortened to Oruto by Riruna, Oruto is a magical sword carried by Gal Hero Riruna.


Blade used by Gal Hero Riruna's side.

She also possessed one of the Armor Golems, one that Tooru wanted for Nana.


Created for the purpose of exterminating all traces of the Divine Corpse, she was made from the same world as Nana.  Her designated code name is Armor Valkyrie Type Oruta II Ortlinde. She was originally made as a backup support machine system for Nana’s Armored Series, she specializes in her arithmetic capabilities and her capacity for deep analysis.

She is nostalgic about her home town and her actions are based on wanting to return to her home world. She planned on making the Divine Corpse Fragment self-destruct and destroy the dimension of both the Human and Demon World in the hopes that she would be blown back to her own dimension, but this plan was stopped by Tooru’s party. After learning of her true desires, Tooru sends her back to her own world but there has been no news about her since.

Her goals aligned with Riruna and she evaluated Riruna as a trustworthy partner.