Third Princess of the Ranbadeia Kingdom
Biographical Info
Romaji Sistina
Age 16
Professional Info
Job Princess of Prophecy
Level LV 14
Skills 【Prophecy Dream LV 14】

【Noble’s Determination LV 2】

Special Notes Doesn't occupy a slot of Tooru's Slave Slots
Media Info
Sistina is the Third Princess of the Ranbadeia Kingdom, and although she isn't one of Tooru's slaves, she is part of his Harem.

She holds Tooru in adoration and devotion, dependence, or possibly, she has given her life over to him, and has sworn allegiance in some manner.

In this sense, it doesn’t really matter whether Tooru used an ability or not, the term "Domination" is about whether it occurs in reality, that is one of the perks he obtain from being the Slavemancer.


A virgin before meeting Tooru, she’s an exceedingly beautiful person, has transparent platinum blonde hair and deep blue colored pupils, a very kind, wise and good nature person.

Just by showing her warm smile from a long distance away, hundreds of knights and soldiers would be willing to sacrifice their lives for her.

There was something really special in that slender figure of hers, one part particularly stood out under her high class lacy pure white dress. The volume of her breasts was vehemently peeking out as if it was making an intense introduction. If someone was to look down at the Princess from above, it was so huge that her stomach wouldn’t even be visible.


She is a Gorgeous Maiden that is praised as the greatest treasure of Ranbadeia Kingdom, only once after several generations would her special lineage manifest and give birth to the "Princess of Prophecy".

Including her elder sister and elder brother there are a total of five siblings in her family. She was heavily sheltered from the rest of the world by her overprotective family. Although she may be inexperienced in dealing with other people, she has drawn out her latent potential in being able to see the Future through her Prophecy Skill and she also has excellent intuition and is very charismatic. Even her private teachers were astonished at how gifted she was academically. She strongly craved having a close friendship for many years and since Kirika arrived, Kirika has somewhat fulfilled her expectations.

In addition, it has been said that her portrait alone has sold over 50,000 pieces on the day of her coming of age ceremony. Considering that she has not come back to her home town for quite the long period, many of her fans (Both men and women alike) and even painters have shed tears at the loss of her presence.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Tooru-sama.