Gal Hero
Riruna and Oruto
Biographical Info
Romaji Riruna
Professional Info
Job Hero
Level LV 10
Skills 【Hand-to-hand Combat LV 5】

【Toughness LV 5】
【Magical Resistance LV∞】
【Cooking Skill LV 1】

Media Info
Riruna is from Kirika's and Tooru's world, as well as their Classmate.



Her real name is: Riruna Tachibana. Back in Junior High she was a comparatively plain looking girl, but her life took a complete turn when she met Tooru and he said something that changed her mindset, now she dresses and acts like a Gal wearing Gal Fashion type clothing. Furthermore, her breasts have grown at a rapid pace.

She is both very good natured and innocent at heart, she’s also very fond of her grandma. She’s flowing with energy and has a “my own pace” type of personality. Brimming with curiosity she can come to like doing anything very quickly and the moment she starts liking something she will improve very fast, she’s like a naturally gifted human being that is generally good at everything. Her Grandmother (is deceased) and this is apparently from her own words but “Back in the day she led a very interesting life, she once worked as a spy and even as an explorer”, still it’s unknown as to how much of it is true.

Her hobbies include watching anime and playing video games (Without limiting herself to a particular genre, if she sees a game that she likes she will try playing them all), also she enjoys watching pro-wrestling and lastly she gives a nickname to any person that she comes to like. Sometimes when she sees reptiles or weird costume wearing mascot characters that at first glance look “Disgusting or ugly” she may call them “cute or adorable” and she becomes delighted in seeing them.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Tooru-chi.