Elemental Archer
Sierra prof
Biographical Info
Romaji Sierra
Professional Info
Job Elemental Archer
Level LV 6 (Chapter 9)

LV 9

Special Equipment Starbow - Thousand Light
Skills 【Bow Techniques LV 4】

【Elemental Magic LV 2】 【Espionage Techniques LV 3】

Special Notes Breast Slave
Media Info
Novel Debut Chapter 9, mentioned since chapter 1
Sierra is, perhaps, Tooru's third enslaved adventurer, and first elf.


A virgin before crossing paths with Tooru, she has emerald jeweled eyes which look slightly sleepy, and a face that doesn’t show too much emotion. It didn’t really match her slender body, her pure white pair of beautiful breasts that resembled a large bell shape, which might actually be a little larger than Kirika's.

Her hair is even fairer than Nina’s; pale, fluffy and long blonde colored hair, specially braided in a hairstyle that has three knots on each side (apparently one of her tribe’s tradition), she is a descendant of the elf race, this is a race that is very long lived and sticks to the forest. Her ears are a weak, erogenous zone.

She's naturally talented and is strangely excellent at performing ferra, has a very perceptive mind and as soon as she's trained in something, she progresses and improves really fast and, she never panics.

She has an ass that doesn't have an ounce of unnecessary fat in it and stands tall awaiting her Master's (Tooru's) entrance.

She wears a yellow leather armor.

A beautiful elf with big breasts which she uses to seduce Tooru with occasionally.


She is a taciturn and expressionless Elf, but in reality she has deep emotions and lots of affection hidden within her inner heart. For her race, she possesses unusually large breasts. In order to save her kindred Sister Diane who is a Priestess of the Dark Elf Tribe, she went out of the Elven Forest to search for a cure for the “Curse of Short Life”.

When she has an interest in someone, she will be proactive. She met with both Amelia who had gotten sick of having guys try to make her enter their party because of her good looks and
Nina who came from a prestigious Magic School and was looking for a guard to accompany her on a journey to look for rare magical artifacts and she was the one who first proposed the idea that the three of them should form a party.

She is the biggest glutton amongst Tooru’s party and she has previously, silently eaten three large servings of food for adult males in a single sitting. It would seem that all the nutrition goes straight to her milk jugs.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Aruji-sama or (My Lord)