Biographical Info
Kanji 小田森 トオル
Romaji Odamori Tooru (Tōru or Tohru)
Age 16?
Professional Info
Job Slavemancer
Level LV 6 (Ch 1) - village maidens

LV 7 (Ch 3) - Himeno Kirika, HimeKishi
LV 9 (Ch 7) - Noble Demoness Palmyra
LV 10 (Ch 16) - Destroying Former Shinto Priest Groom
Lv 15 (Ch 21) - Princess Sistina
Unlocked a special exp bonus due to possessing 【Princess Knight】【Aristocrat/Noble Demoness】and 【Princess of Prophecy】and, also chose the 【Path of Strengthening】vs the【Path of Domination】
LV 16 (Ch 35) - Mad Princess Flamia, Divine Corpse through Nana
LV 17 (Ch 47) - Wining Kirika's heart over
LV 18 (Ch 53) - Challenge by the Kitsune Goddess, and winning the bracelet from the Immortal Fox Goddess
LV 19 (Ch 63) - Tachibana Riruna
LV 20 (Ch 67) - Defeating Oruto, regaining Nana as a slave, merging with the Divine Corpse
LV 25 (Ch 70) - boost exp for 7 rare jobs:【Princess Knight】【Noble Demoness】【Princess of Prophecy】【Mad Princess】【Otherwordly Knight】【Different World Military Android】and finally the【Hero】

Special Equipment Bracelet from the Immortal Fox Goddess (energy spent)

The Left Arm of the Demon King

Skills 【Enslavement Magic LV 15】

【Demon Contract LV 3】
【Magical Slave Strengthening LV 10】
【Invasion of the Divine Corpse LV 1】

Media Info
Novel Debut Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Tooru Odamori (小田森 トオル, Odamori Tōru) is the main protagonist of the series.


A plain high school boy with no redeeming features whatsoever.

In this new world, he wears either a robe, or a sharp shirt and pants. His life in the old world was miserable, so he quickly forgot about it, thus one month after arriving to this new world he was quick to adapt.

His magic is described "much like a hologram's green fire that spread out and surrounds" the individual he's trying to enslave.

In the following link, you'll find information regarding his enslavement magic ability.

His demon contract is located on top of his right hand, and it's a red crest that looked like some sort of eye combined with the designs of a sinister and ominous looking talon and a fang.

More information regarding his slave strengthening ability.


The Main Character. Born into an ordinary middle-class family he wasn’t really bullied in school, but because of him being weak physically and not having much self-confidence he failed in communicating effectively with other people and led a very lonesome high school life.

Already experiencing death once he resolved to “Live his second life to the fullest without any regrets”. Losing his sense of ethics and morals and his fear of death, he follows his desires without looking back. According to Mikura, his will-power is way above the norm of regular human beings.

The thing he hates the most is losing his own freedom and creating a debt with other people. Although he himself admits that he is quite the bad person, he also has quite a high sense of responsibility to others. But this sense of responsibility to others stems from the fact that he feels he cannot fully enjoy his freedom if he is indebted to others.


Current Magical Slave (Remaining Slot:2 People)

【Princess Knight Kirika (Love Slave)】

【Maid Magician Nina

【Woman Soldier Amelia

【Elemental Elf Archer Sierra

【Demoness Palmyra

【Woman Earl Yurina

【Mad Princess Flamia

【Otherworldly Knight Celesta

【Princess Priestess Diane

【Hero Riruna

【Different World Military Grade Android Nana

Suzu-chan Sensei】

【Fragment of the Divine Corpse】

Special Equipment: The Left Arm of the Demon King (After losing his left arm in a battle with Oruto, the fragment of the divine corpse he obtained fused with his left arm.)