Woman Earl Yurina

Since there's no known character information, this isn't included.

She is a young earl that owns a very large mansion near the Forest of the Elves. She is a relative of the Royal family, in other words she is a distant relative of Princess Sistina.

Due to political reasons she was moved away from the Royal Capital, being assigned to govern over a small country-side area she became very displeased, and she started to conduct a light SM play with her maids every single night (she herself is afraid of pain so she doesn’t hurt any of her maids too much) This has become her only diversion.

However, the moment that Tooru came into her life, she was subjected to his Enslavement Magic and her virginity was taken away. After being made into a money source for Tooru, she is currently being neglected by Tooru but due to her masochistic nature blooming she sees this as a sort of “neglect play” and eagerly awaits Tooru’s return. She wears too much makeup and is a very showy girl but in fact even without those products she is a beautiful person.